While St. Peter’s Lutheran Church is the oldest Lutheran church in Ohio, we have big plans for the future of God’s kingdom to come.

St. Peter’s long history began when early settlers of German descent established a community in what is now Lancaster, Ohio. In 1804, the first “traveling preacher,” Father Johannes Stauch, visited Lancaster. A year later the Reverend William Forster was sent to the area. In 1806, he indicated he had gathered a group of Lutherans in Lancaster. The result was St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. Over the years, St. Peter’s has grown and expanded multiple times. There have been good times, and tough times, but God has led us through it all.

The founders knew that a building does not make a church. A church is the people of God who come together as a body of believers to carry on the ministry of Jesus Christ. It is in that same spirit, through God’s grace, that we have grown to become the congregation we are today.

But as times are changing in society, so are they also changing at St. Peter’s. St. Peter’s has been working with other area ELCA Lutheran churches to better serve our congregations, community, and Jesus Christ. Through Lancaster Lutherans Together (LLT), St. Peter’s is creating new ministries, expanding old ones, creating more fellowship opportunities, and getting more involved in the Lancaster community. Thanks to the LLT partnership, we are now able to imagine the possibilities like never before, and we can not wait to see where God is taking us.