Youth and Family Ministry develops and adapts to the changing needs of our youth and families at St. Peter’s. We offer programs and events designed to integrate youth and families with children of all ages into the life of the congregation, as well as, make connections between Sunday mornings and each day of the week, as we strive to live our faith out-loud.

We have also partnered with our Inviting & Welcoming Team and encouraged our youth and families to participate in a variety of community events. We continued to strive to increase the participation of the high school and middle schoolers as well as family/parent participation on Sunday mornings.

The older youth program partners with area ELCA congregations to continue to grow the participation of this age group in meaningful and fulfilling fellowship, learning, serving ministries. We also have an upper elementary group for the children and their families to help transition this age group to Confirmation classes and participating in some of the older youth group events. This group allows parents to work on ways they can support one another in parenting and growing faith at home.

 As we move forward we will continue these partnerships and continue adapting to the needs of youth and families in our community.